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The SisterWives

It is true and obvious that men and woman are different. Most people would say what makes a woman a female and a man a male is the presence of a vagina or a penis. But it isn’t really that easy is it?

Beyond our biology, we are created and develop differently based on our cultural understanding of what it means to be a man or a woman. The complexity of how each individual is nurtured in relation to their nature – such as genetics or other functionally relevant changes that can occur to the genome, which can alter the way genes are expressed – make it difficult to study all the differing sexual manifestations the human race can exhibit. Regardless of what science says about the differences in our basic genetics, how different our brain mass might be, who has more white or gray matter, or how our hormonal…

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Another thing I’m sick of: blaming fat women for our lack of clothing options

I agree 110%!

Tutus And Tiny Hats

rack of floofy betsey johnson dresses Give me the pretties, pleeeeease.

While I’m on a roll of ranting about things that piss me off, here’s another one: the recent trend of blaming the lack of plus size clothing options on the supposed buying habits of plus size customers. This piece in TIME, and this one on Fashionista are two examples, and they make me so viscerally angry that it’s hard to respond articulately–but I’ll try.

“[R]eal change for plus-size fashion will come when customers make more conscious purchasing decisions,” claims the TIME piece. Hahahahaha, no. Real change will come when companies realize that fat women are people and start making clothes in our size. It’s kind of ridiculous to insist that fat women’s shopping choices must be the issue, when our whole problem is that we don’t have enough options to choose from in the first place.

In the Fashionista article, a blogger named…

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My Best Buy Nightmare

I decided to buy a computer being that currently sharing one with my gamer husband wasn’t really practical.

I didn’t want to wait to get it in the mail, but I still wanted a great deal so I started looking at the open box and clearance items at Best buy.

I found the perfect one for me an called the local store phone number. After going through their automated phone system from hell o was lucky to be connected to someone at their corporate office after being on hold for almost 10 minutes. After explaining I really needed to talk to the store they finally transferred me.

I talked to someone at the Jantzen Beach (Portland, Oregon) location who seemed to have better things to do than to take my call. I gave her the open box number which she didn’t get it right the first time. I gave her the sku number which she felt she had to correct me on the pronunciation of s-k-u. She still couldn’t find it. I tried to pay for it over the phone and i was told it just couldn’t be done. After explaining that it was quite a ways for me to drive their she finally went to look for the item an guess what? It had been sold and therefore it was no longer available.

I saw another one, similar but not as quite perfect; at the Cascade Park location (still in Portland, Oregon). After my initial phone fiasco I decided to go there, worst case scenario in my head was going to be that I would pay full price for a computer, but little did I know as to how much worse this story was about to get.

I get there talk to a sales person, he takes me to the item and it is there in perfect condition. Was a display item so it has no box, no big deal. But there is a 2 hour wait for it to be ready as he said and I quote “need to get the demo off of it”. They will call me when it is done. I don’t think much of it, I figure I can come back after work…

I gave it an extra hour an decided to call (3 hours after the purchase) to find the status. It is at 40% they will have it ready in about 2 more hours. I’m having none of this. I ask for a refund, since it was purchased with a debit card it can’t be done over the phone because according to the rep they need to give me cash for it.

I drive down to the store (wasting more gas and my patience) and the customer service representative “puts the money back on the card”. Let me try to explain this: original purchase was debit with pin number so money wa taken put immediately out of my account! Refund was done as a credit transaction so who knows when it will show up in my bank account.

Mind you this was not a purchase for a crappy computer, it was for an All-in-one model and they start at $499.

One thing I noticed when I was making the return was that the computer was turned off so I assumed they had aborted whatever process they were doing. Problem is that when I purchased they entered my email for notifications of work wing done to this piece of equipment. So time stamped 5 hours and 9 minutes from the purchase time, I had an email telling me that they had STARTED work on my unit (even after I had already canceled the purchase). The whole process took one hour and i received a confirmation notice 6 hours from the purchase that it was ready to be picked up (about 50 minutes from the store’s closing time).

Conclusion: I can’t buy another computer cause my money is tied up and they didn’t update any records to show the purchase was stopped due to their inability to deliver the product within twice as much time as it was originally quoted. The process apparently only takes one hour (I personally have re-imaged computers with way more stuff in them a lot faster than that) and had they actually started when I called and complained about the delay it would be done by the time I went in to get a refund, but Best Buy would rather lose the sale than prioritize my item. Also no one there seems to know anything, except how to charge you.

From my single days – The worst date ever!

I have thought of making this story into a cartoon, but I lack the artistic part… I thought of a re-dramatization, but would take hours of make up to turn the other person into something like the original.. Finally, I concluded should blog about it, so the whole world can enjoy my misfortune.

This story begins a few years ago… One day I received a message from “Jeff” on a dating site. According to the dating site we were close to each other (5 miles or less). From his picture he looked average, short brown hair… So, I wrote him back and we started talking.

A few messages later, I agreed to meet him. We figured out we lived pretty close, so I chose a close by restaurant. I have to confess, I was a bit paranoid, and I used to choose a restaurant I could walk to, so he couldn’t write down my license plate. Also this way I could dodge into a store afterwards and check the security monitor to see if he was following me. You know, safety first. 

I always arrived 5 minutes late on first dates so I wouldn’t have to wait in case he was a little late. As I arrive to the restaurant, I get a text from him that he is running late. In his words “he didn’t think the bank would be so busy”. Nice to know… Has he never heard of a debit card? Or what was the deal? Anyway I waited for about 15 more minutes (mind you the bank was 2 blocks away) and he finally walks in.

Try to picture this: a 40 something year-old, average height, medium build, with long brown curly hair with a baseball cap on top of it. He is wearing sweat pants, a sweat shirt and a hoodie on top of it. My first thought was “are you kidding me”? As he got closer, he had several weird looking moles on his face, in sum, he looked nothing like his profile picture. I was almost sick to my stomach (I am not shallow, it just really was that bad). I understand not being able to afford  a fancy suit for a date, or even a fancy shirt, but sweats!? 

I hinted at him that I wasn’t feeling well (lame excuse cause i wanted to get out of there), but I was hungry and I figure I should be kind to him, you never know, it could get better… It didn’t. He started saying “I have never done something like this before”; I thought he meant go on a date with someone he met on-line, or maybe even go on a date at all considering his wardrobe choice; quickly I realized that he was under the impression that he was going to get laid. Mind you, I never even hinted at that, there was no conversation about sex whatsoever!

I finished eating, told him I wasn’t feeling well and was heading home. To give him the “this isn’t going anywhere” sign, I told him I wasn’t going to stick him with the whole bill. What I meant by that was that I was going to pay for my own meal, but before I could say anything else, he said “Thank you” and took off, so I had to pay for my meal and his!

Honestly, at this point I was relieved that he left, I just couldn’t believe this creature’s (cause at this point I don’t consider him a human being) attitude, behavior, actions, whatever you want to call it. But wait there is more. About 30 minutes later, I receive a new message from him. He says he had a great time (of course, I want a free meal too!) and he wants to know when we can hook up. Seriously!!! He used the words hook up!!! Needless to say I didn’t reply. A few hours later, he asked if he had done something wrong. Some people just don’t have a clue…